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When children are not seeing both parents during and after a divorce, it not only hurts the non-custodial parent, but the children suffer as well.  Th...

Both parents need to be involved and realize that their behavior affects the children

May 30, 2017

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The decision to end a marriage is a decision made by parents, not children. Parents must remember that every choice they make during the divorce process affects their children. Children are the innocent parties in a divorce and if they had their choice they would like...

One of the toughest conversations that an engaged couple has is when one asks the other, "will you be willing to sign a prenuptial agreement?" 

Often times this question will lead to tears, mistrust, and anger, as the last event that an engaged couple wants to consider...

June 19, 2017


Today, getting a divorce is not the same as it used to be.  There are options today. In addition to the method that we all know so well, litigation, today there are also options such as mediation or collaborative law.

Both mediation and collaborative law...