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"Cheryl was an attorney on my divorce and did a phenomenal job. She was not only an expert in all the legal intricacies of the divorce/custody case (which as a former attorney, I appreciated), she was also very commercial in her approach. I find that lawyers can create issues and drag on cases (for obvious reasons). Not Cheryl. She was able to remain focused on the key issues and bring them to resolution in an expedient way. I also found Cheryl to be extremely accessible."

"Cheryl goes above and beyond the role of lawyer in the messy business of divorce. Not only have I found her to be brilliant, but supportive and morally upstanding.. I would recommend Cheryl to anyone and everyone who has to weather the dissolution of a marriage."

"Cheryl was not only professional through my entire divorce process but empathetic as well. She offered comfort and support from the beginning until the very end. I highly recommend Cheryl for her services as a divorce attorney."

"Cheryl is professional and understands what needs to be done putting aside the unnecessary aggravation that comes with divorce and pre marital agreements. she knows how to help solve the problem not create more problems. Her understanding of the laws and the system is excellent."

"Divorce is a horrible experience. I was fortunate to have Cheryl Mallis as one of the lawyers on my team. Her personal attention made the process less traumatic."

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