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Divorce Mediation

Divorce Mediation is similar to Collaborative Law, in that the goal is to resolve the parties' divorce through settlement not through traditional litigation.  The main difference is that a single person (who may or may not be a lawyer), acts as a mediator for and with the couple.  In Divorce Mediation, the Mediator runs the process but the parties direct how the method unfolds. 


During divorce mediation, the mediator assists the parties in reaching an agreement and if the mediator is an attorney, she can prepare a settlement agreement resolving the issues according to the parties' intentions.  At that point, both parties are advised to hire individual attorneys to review their agreement prior to executing it. 


Similar to Collaborative Law, since the parties are attempting to resolve their matter in a more amicable way, “war” is not declared and the children are less impacted.  Additionally, since the outcome was structured solely by the parties, parties seem to be more comfortable with the outcome and comply with the terms. Again, divorce amicably without going to Court.

Parties discussing their divorce with mediator

Divorce amicably without going to Court

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